What is it?
The Alexander Technique is a practical and valuable tool that can be applied to our daily lives. Through it we learn a new approach to everyday activity that prevents undue tension and unnecessary stress on our bodies. This re-educative process can lead to an improvement in co-ordination, balance, and general functioning of the whole self.

Why would I want to do that?
If you watch a small child at play, you may notice a quality in her movements and expression that could be described as alert, poised and balanced. The child ‘uses’ herself well. Most of us had these qualities at this point in our lives. As we grow older, in response to the pressures of everyday life, we are likely to develop patterns of thought and action that become habitual. As these habits build up over time, we are often unaware of them. Sometimes these habits lead to unnecessary muscular tension and interfere with our well-being. They may even cause us pain. We have become less alert, poised and balanced than we would like to be! We are ‘mis-using’ ourselves.

The Alexander Technique helps us to unlearn these habits, make choices about how we use ourselves and change away from a life dictated by habit to one of greater freedom. In this sense it is a re-education of the self.

Who uses it?
Anyone wishing to improve their quality of life will find the Alexander Technique beneficial. Many actors, musicians and other performers hold the Alexander Technique in high regard. Sportsmen and women have found it can improve performance. Office workers suffering from back-ache, bricklayers with RSI and dentists with neckache have all found benefit. Even those who regard themselves as relatively healthy can benefit as an improved self-awareness brings about a greated enjoyment of activities at work, rest and play.

How can I learn?
Because everybody is different and has their own unique patterns of habit, the Alexander Technique is best learnt on a one-to-one basis with a qualified teacher, although much can be learnt from a group teaching environment such as evening classes.

If you would like any more information about how the Alexander Technique could help you, then please contact me.